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ELPS Private Detective Agency is a dynamic team of professionals with over 30 years of investigative experience dedicated to serving the Security & Investigation needs of businesses & individuals.
We provide our clients with services ranging from criminal defense investigations to covert surveillances.



Private Citizens

Specialized Services

Investigative Services

  • ELPS Private Detective Agency is regularly retained by insurance providers, law firms, corporations, business entities, and private individuals to gather information, collect evidence, interview witnesses; criminals, suspects and find people. Private Investigators must know and understand the laws that govern the use of investigative methods. These methods include physical and electronic surveillance, proprietary database searches, interviews and other research methods used to discover information required by a client.


Civil and Criminal Pre-Trial Investigations

  • ELPS has worked for both sides in civil litigations.


Pre-Employment Background Screening

  • We do not provide templated background checks. Our services are customized to meet your needs!



  • video surveillance
  • GPS tracking


Diversion Investigations (Gray Market)

  • ELPS PDA can provide detailed investigations for these matters using our trained staff to conduct surveillances, make purchases and through our investigation process we can collect evidence and identify the cause of your loss of profits and product.


Residency Investigations

  • In Pennsylvania, a child who lives with someone other than a parent can attend school in the caregiver’s town of residence if the caregiver provides appropriate legal documentation to show dependency or guardianship or a sworn statement with specified information.


Undercover Investigations

  • We can provide numerous undercover operations


Missing Persons

  • Drugs / alcohol
  • Mental illness
  • Abduction
  • Domestic violence


What Our
Customer Says

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Jeff and his team are skilled, responsive, thorough and trustworthy. They are 100% dedicated to their clients' needs. I highly recommend them!

Susan M.

I have worked with Jeff for 12 yrs. and find him to be one of the most honest people to work with. He is very knowledgeable in his field.

Jeremy M.

I know them to be very professional and am familiar with their work.

Joe N.

They provide outstanding security and investigative services.

Mark P.

Jeff and his P.I.s do an excellent job. Discreet and get the job done.

Laurie W.

Two Thumbs Up! Powerhouse service, here. Jeff Stein leads a team that fights theft, crime, and fraud. Good things are said about 'ELPS Private Detective Agency

Yves M.

Jeff and his team provided private investigation services for me in a child custody case. They were extremely thorough, professional and detailed, but most of all, Jeff works with a very high level of integrity. I would highly recommend him and his team in any situation.

Stephanie M.

Anyone that's worked with Jeff quickly realizes that he's an expert in loss prevention and retail safety. From a rather random connection he and I made initially, he became a trusted advisor to Infoglide Software in our approach to the retail space. Jeff was very enthusiastic about sharing his expertise, and we felt very fortunate when he wrote guest posts for our IdentityResolutionDaily.com blog. If you're looking for expert help with LP, you could do no better than Jeff!

Bob B.

After working with Jeff on a surveillance for 8 hours I became well aware of his professionalism. The assignment was his and I worked alongside. Jeff made sure the client's best interest was always the most important factor in the case. I found him to be pleasant and willing to listen to all suggestions though he realized that the final decision was his. Though he expected me to get the job done he did it in a way that left you feeling you were a part of something. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff and I hope that I can work with him again in the near future.

Frank D.

Jeff is a true visionary in the fields of Loss Prevention and Security. I have worked with him on several projects spanning a period of several years. He is a strong personality with excellent results-oriented skills. I proudly recommend him!

Doug W.

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